ERLOS GmbH is a saxon production and recycling company in Zwickau. It is a part of WP Holding, which has established itself in the fields of logistics, transportation and services with over 20 years of experience. Complete wheels are produced, stored and shipped to all of Europe for Mercedes-Benz AG. This decades-long cooperation has also been continued in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. Here, ERLOS cooperates with a variety of well-known OEMs from Germany, Europe and Asia.


In order to make better use of the valuable resources contained in high-quality vehicle battery modules and to optimize the life cycle of these battery modules, ERLOS GmbH has set itself the task of building premium energy storage systems based on 2nd-life batteries. After several successful tests, a long-term cooperation agreement was signed with Mercedes-Benz Energy in 2021. For the battery storage systems, battery modules from the premium vehicles EQC and EQS are qualitatively tested by Mercedes-Benz and shipped to Zwickau. ERLOS equips them with a battery management system that guarantees optimal and completely safe operation. The complete container and safety concept has been certified and is CE marked. In 2021, ERLOS received approval from Mercedes-Benz to market the battery storage systems with original modules in Germany and also globally.


For Turkey, there are a variety of applications. Battery storage can be used to operate fast charging stations and prevent high costs for grid expansion. The storage system can be used to support almost any high power chargers from any manufacturer. This is especially ideal for car dealerships, residential areas, shopping centers and office buildings, as existing grid connections can be easily expanded. Another application is the storage of solar energy. With battery storage, solar and wind energy can be used up to 50% more efficiently. Produced energy is not lost if there is a surplus in the grid. For example, it can be stored during the day and supplied in the evening/night when there is an increased demand in the grid. Battery storage is essential to make optimal use of renewable energy. In addition, peak loads can be prevented. The intelligent energy management of the storage units can detect load peaks and thus support the grid.


In summary, it can be said that the move to green energy and the energy grid of the future require battery storage systems. With them, the grid can be stabilized, expanded and optimized. Future challenges, such as grid bottlenecks due to increasing numbers of electric cars, can be prevented. In addition, 2nd-life storage systems contribute to the achievement of CO2 neutrality, since all batteries are already depreciated with regard to the CO2 footprint.

ERLOS PowerCore Energy Storage

Intelligent and sustainable

Design container
Power electronics
Battery system

Energy network


The energy revolution needs battery storage.

Green energy is stored and can be called up when it is really needed.

No need for grid extension, as the storage tank can be operated with a 400 V grid connection and from an input power of approx. 15 kW!


As a buffer storage of your photovoltaic system.

For operating your individual (fast) charging infrastructure without grid expansion!

For avoiding peak loads (peak shaving).

Problem free integration into the energy management of your plant.

Automotive industry

Sustainable e-mobility

1st Life
» Primary use of the battery for powering the vehicle.
» At present, hardly any value creation potential of HVBs is exploited beyond this intended use
2nd Life
» Battery storage with 2nd Life battery modules
» Maximization of the utilization rate of the HVB
» Analysis of long-term behavior in stationary continuous use
» Recyclate as most economical raw material source for production of new batteries
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Using the PowerCore to reduce your carbon footprint.

Applications and advantages

Buffering solar energy

Where can you find these applications?

e.g. solar parks, stadiums, logistics or production halls, …


Why is using a Storage advantageous?
You can optimize the utilization of your PV system by up to 50%. Thus, you can achieve a faster break-even point and a greater return on investment.

The storage supplies the grid with energy when there is a deficit and high energy consumption in the grid.

Grid extension and peak shaving

Where can you find these applications?

Energy networks, companies, …


Why is using a Storage advantageous?
Storages can support the grid during load peaks to minimize costs and make the grid more efficient. Instead of investing in expensive grid extension for various individual cases, like High Power Chargers, you can lean on energy storages to save resources and support the grid long term.

Powering Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

Where can you find these applications?

Inner cities, shopping malls, car dealerships, residential areas, …


Why is using a Storage advantageous?
Supplying fast charging units with power, so the extension of the charging network can move parallel to the introduction of more electric vehicles into the market. Solar power can effectively be used for the charging of the TOGG so the electrification is as ecological as possible.


186 kWh

372 kWh

558 kWh

Configuration/Energy content186 kWh372 kWh558 kWh
Grid connection3-phase / 400 V
Operating temperature-20°C to 45°C
Power88 kW176 kW264 kW
Dimensions (L | W | H)3.000mm | 2.500mm | 2.690mm
WeightAbout 6 tAbout 7.5 tAbout 9 t
System warranty2 years

Services of ERLOS GmbH

All around care

Project planning

We advise and support you in project planning. We would also be happy to create a charging concept for your entry into electromobility.


We help with the financing of your storage facility. You can conveniently pay your investment costs in monthly installments over several years via an installment plan.

Commissioning & staff training

We commission your storage facility on site and train your employees.

Take-back guarantee

We guarantee to take back the old battery modules and dispose of them professionally with us. After 10 years we buy back your battery storage at 10% of the investment costs and take care of the recycling of all components.

Remote monitoring

We monitor your storage and are automatically notified if there is a problem. Upon request, we are happy to perform a performance analysis to optimize the efficiency of the storage.

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